had a kiss-kiss with a nice nice boy last night and he let me keep his big big shirt
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i hate when ppl laugh in the library bc its irreverent. this is a place of suffering & pain u evil piece of shit.

nice dog n nice elderly man i met on my last walk


me and my friend have been crying at this for a good 2 mins

Goddess Sculptures
5300-4200 BCE
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The bark of a sycamore tree — Multicolored scales mottle the bark of a sycamore tree near Lake Como, Italy.
Photo credit: Todd Gipstein

in luv with my own outfit

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id currently give my lisa simpson impression a 7/10 but im getting there

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are we gonna fuckn hold hands tonight or what bitch

low classic s/s 2014




I’m doing a *— GIVEAWAY —* since my bastard book child Ojitos Borrosos is turning 2 years old! This book compiles the “best of” my short comics from 2008 to 2012, and was nominated in 2012 for the Ignatz awards “Best Artist” and “Best Collection”. According to Edie Fake it’s “A simply killer collection of Inés Estrada’s amazing comics - charmed and pervy and smart and totally unpredictable….I can’t say enough good things about these except that you will love them.”

I’m picking one person who will receive a free copy of the book + 2 of my sticker packs. The only rule is to reblog this whole post once! If you cut out the text or reblog more than once you’re out. I’ll announce the winner on April 18.
Thank you and good luck!

almost forgot about this… today is the last day to reblog!! i’ll announce the winner tomorrow so to give you a bit more of time…

real calm


→ teeparty.jp

just purchased!!

so cute!!!!
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im kicking off this spring break with a night on craigslist

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